Monday, October 25, 2021
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Billie Eilish – hostage

I wanna be alone Alone with you - does that make sense? I wanna steal your soul And hide you in my treasure chest.

Billie Eilish – party favor

Hey - call me back when ya get this Or when you've got a minute We really need to talk Wait - you know what? Maybe just forget it Cause by the time you get this Your number might be blocked

Billie Eilish – my boy

My boy's being sus, he was shady enough, but now he's just a shadow My boy loves his friends like I love my split ends and by that I mean He cuts 'em off

Billie Eilish – idontwannabeyouanymore

Don't be that way Fall apart twice a day I just wish you could feel what you say Show, never tell But I know you too well Got a mood that you wish you could sell

The Voice Kids UK: 13-year-old Jess F is the winner

The first series of The Voice Kids UK is over, and 13-year-old Jess F has been named as the inaugural winner of the series.

Billie Eilish – COPYCAT

Don't be cautious, don't be kind You committed, I'm your crime Push my button anytime You got your finger on the trigger, but your trigger finger's mine.

Billie Eilish – Bellyache

Sittin' all alone Mouth full of gum In the driveway My friends aren't far In the back of my car Lay their bodies Where's my mind?

Tina Karol – Blindfold

Music video by Tina Karol performing Blindfold.